A companion from way back when – you don‘t want to recognize her – being afraid she could ask: „hello, how ya doin‘, long time no see, what about a couple of hours, just the two of us?“ You quickly cross the street – you‘re busy, take a look at your cell phone – do this and that only to avoid a close encounter face to face. Too bad. She is good for us. She takes care for a breath of fresh air in our minds. She is the muse’s kiss – just poorly wrapped. I‘d like to meet her again now and then.   Remark: Tediousness (Langeweile) it is a female noun in german. I decided to stick with it in the translation because “she“ appears in form of a person. german version

Why do you make music?

Lies diesen Text auf Deutsch. You’re busy for years to do something without knowing why. For instance playing music. Some make music because they chose it as a profession. But actually most of those professional musicians make their money teaching amateur-musicians. Most of them still perform although the money is bad and appreciation is not much […]

The Djembe-Font

The Djembe Font Notate clean and simple by typing on your keyboard. Almost anything provided that is needed to notate djembe rhythms: bass, tone, slap and closed slaps. All kinds of triplets and 16th notes, repeat sign, flams and bell for bassdrums. How it works Download the font, unzip and install. Due to the fact […]