The Djembe-Font

The Djembe Font

Notate clean and simple by typing on your keyboard. Almost anything provided that is needed to notate djembe rhythms: bass, tone, slap and closed slaps. All kinds of triplets and 16th notes, repeat sign, flams and bell for bassdrums.


How it works

Download the font, unzip and install. Due to the fact that this software i free I cannot not give any guarantee on functionality. Install at your own risk, I will not come up for any damages on your computer when you install this software!

Here is a sample and here is the description where to find the notes on the keyboard. Sorry folks, this font was originally made for a german keyboard, so I felt free to use weird letters like „ä“ „ü“ and „ö“. These glyphs are only needed for special triplets. And here’s the Truetype font
Have fun!


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